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Novio is an interactive platform that helps lenders, owners, and investors manage their property portfolios. A personalized
dashboard originally conceived from proprietary Nova Group applications allows the Novio user to manage important property information, communication, and upcoming due dates in a seamless, visual format. The user can include items such as due diligence recommendations, ESG findings, and equipment maintenance information into the main dashboard. Notifications can be automated, while data and documents are consolidated, for seamless access to property information. The Novio platform is positioned to be the action hub for your acquisition needs or existing held asset portfolio by allowing easier access to and transfer of information within a single comprehensive dashboard.

Your Centralized Hub.

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Consolidate environmental and property concerns (issues) and reccommendations


Active client engagement with Nova team to generate action items


Prioritize action items with specific assigned tasks


On-site property verification and inspections


All reports, actions, and documentation in one centralized hub

Key Features.

  • Provides property and environmental information on an entire portfolio or an individual asset

  • Allows live tracking of site owner and tenant issues on a Management Dashboard

  • Generates an overview of recommended, outstanding, and completed recommended actions

  • Allows instant access to all data/reports for a site or on a portfolio

  • Facilitates the preparation of a data room prior to divestiture

  • Track and manage opinions of costs for a property or a portfolio

  • A mobile system, accessible on most mobile devices

Contact Us. 

Chuck Easley | Senior Vice President - Strategy, Culture, & Values | E-mail | 612-220-1455

Paul Johnson | Senior Vice President - Director of Operations | E-mail | 952-361-8688

Ask Us.

Nova Group, GBC (Nova) is an international advising firm providing innovative environmental and engineering services in the areas of risk assessment, investigation, management, compliance and corrective action activities.

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